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A great track record in your industry

For nearly 15 years, Recruitment Solutions has been helping match great candidates to job vacancies across the UK.

We’ve helped businesses in many industries, but have always specialised in these sectors.

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We started out in construction recruitment and, over the years, have recruited thousands of candidates into construction jobs across the UK. From unskilled labourers to skilled trades, including site management roles, we represent candidates for all aspects of construction.

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With many major high street and online retailers expanding their workforces to meet demand, we are always looking for warehouse workers to meet the recruitment needs of our clients. Typical roles we might recruit for include pickers and packers, managers and warehouse drivers.

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Our work in the industrial sector, includes recruitment for engineering and mechanical job vacancies, factory and warehouse roles, for both skilled and unskilled workers. We work with clients of all sizes, from those looking for a single skilled permanent employee, to those looking for large numbers of labourers.
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The driving industry has seen huge growth in recent years. We work with several major distribution and courier firms to supply large numbers of experienced and qualified drivers for a range of roles, including haulage drivers, van and delivery drivers and coach and minibus drivers.

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Facilities Management

We work with clients across the UK, providing high calibre and experienced candidates for facilities management jobs. This includes the recruitment of managers, cleaners, caterers, receptionists and maintenance staff for both commercial and public sector organisations.

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