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Our guarantee if you look for a job with us

If you ask Recruitment Solutions to find you a job, we can’t guarantee you a job, but we do guarantee you’ll be treated fairly and paid on time.

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Introducing our Great Job Guarantee

Good Job Guarantee

Every worker who takes a job through Recruitment Solutions is eligible for the Great Job Guarantee.  That includes you.

The guarantee is our way of showing that we understand the needs and care about the workers that we represent.  It offers you these great benefits:

  • You’ll always speak to the same person
  • You’ll get a fair rate of pay
  • You’ll always be paid on time
  • You’ll always be matched to the right roles for you
  • You’ll always be treated fairly
  • You’ll always be able to ask us for help
  • You’ll have help to prepare your documentation
  • You’ll be able to change jobs, if you want to
  • You’ll always speak to the same person

How do I qualify for the Great Job Guarantee?

As long as you’re registered with us as a candidate or have appointed us to recruit for one or more job vacancies, then you are automatically covered by our Great Job Guarantee. It isn’t an extra. It’s part of the service we provide to every candidate and every client, every single day.

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