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Working in the UK

Guidance on valid forms of identification to prove your Right to Work in the UK

Right to work in the UK

There are strict guidelines from the Government for us to follow in relation to employing workers that have the right to work in the United Kingdom. We are committed to ensuring that all employees that are assigned by us have the right to work and have the relevant documents to prove that before they start working in the UK.

Employing illegal workers has harmful consequences both socially and economicallly. Migrant workers can be exploited by being paid under the national minimum wage and British businesses will suffer as they are being undercut.

The HMRC carry out regular and stringent checks to ensure we are complying with our checks for illegal workers.

Documentation required:

There are two lists of valid forms of Identification that can be accepted. Click on the link for a detailed view.

List A – List A documents show there is restriction on their stay and are not subject to immigration control so therefore they have an on-going right to work in the UK,

List B – List B documents show that the person has been granted leave to enter or remain in the UK for a limited time or has restrictions on their right to work.

Failure to provide these documents prior to your assignment starting with us will result in a cancellation of your contract.

For full guidance from the Government website please follow this link

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