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Why employee engagement is so important in the warehouse sector

Increasing Employee Engagement in the Recruitment Sector

Employee engagement has always been a talking point in variety of different industries and is a huge part of any HR Managers role. Keeping employees engaged plays a large part in retaining your key talent, but this mindset currently seems to have lost its way in the Warehouse sector.

Many warehouse job roles can end up feeling isolated in their position because they are away from the main hub of the business, work unsociable hours dealing with early morning deliveries and see very few members of staff from other departments cross their paths.

There are many reasons why people leave a company, many of which are very common, but if you’re not fully engaged with an employee then they are unlikely to remain at your company long term.

Whilst many shy away from the idea of employee engagement in the warehouse sector, believing it is something complicated that will take hours, it’s actually very simple and could mean the difference between a new recruit staying with you for a couple of months or several years. With this in mind, we’ve taken a look at some of the key areas you could improve upon to engage with team members and increase employee retention.

  1. Lead by example – This is probably the simplest of them all, if you act the way you want your staff to, you are much more likely to receive positive results. Managers will seem approachable and easy to talk leaving you with a much more engaged workforce.
  2. Be honest – Making staff aware of difficult situations and sensitive information, removes barriers and perceptions some employees may have towards upper levels of management.
  3. Praise – One of the top reasons people leave a company is because they feel undervalued! It costs nothing to say ‘job well done’ or even a simple ‘thank you’ and both can make a huge difference to motivation levels!
  4. Be flexible – With so much demand on people’s time, flexibility is the benefit that everybody seeks. If you think about it, over the years your employees have probably worked through their unpaid lunch breaks, stayed after closing without earning over time and come in early to complete a deadline. Don’t take this for granted, you can offer the same level of commitment to them by offering flexibility for the day to day issues that arise in our lives.
  5. Have fun – When you run a business with multiple departments that don’t often interact, its worth ensuring you all have fun together. This can be in the form of quarterly staff nights out or as simple as a Christmas party.  This form of socialising will help build an engaged workforce who enjoy their jobs and can communicate well with one another.

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