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Warehouse work set to boom over next five years


Over the past 2 years, many internet retailers have seen a surge in the amount of sales going through their online stores. Because of this, and the demand for more space to store important stock, many consultants in the warehousing and construction industry are predicting a massive boom in the amount of positions for warehouse operatives over the coming 5 years.

Internet retailers want more space than the warehousing industry can currently cope with, and property consultants such as Lambert Smith Hampton believe demand will outstrip supply by 25 million sq ft by 2020. Because of this, retailers will create an unprecedented increase in warehouse construction over the next few years, leading to a demand for more warehouse managers, forklift truck drivers, warehouse operatives and logistics staff.

This could provide a fantastic boost to a warehousing industry that has previously struggled for expansion before the twenty-tens. It will also help to create a range of exciting opportunities for younger employees who are looking to get involved with an industry that is rapidly on the rise and constantly evolving.

When asked about the changes to warehousing in the UK over the coming years, Steve Williams, national head of Industrial and Logistics at Lambert Smith Hampton, said: “E-commerce in the UK is not just growing rapidly, but it’s also evolving as retailers attempt to satisfy consumer demand ever more quickly and efficiently.

“This is resulting in unprecedented demand for strategically located logistics warehouse space across many parts of the country. Some of the sector’s more forward-thinking participants have already recognised this, but more needs to be done if we want to continue to enjoy the benefits of e-commerce.”

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