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UK Border & Immigration forces take zero tolerance approach to Illegal Workers

Over the last few weeks there has been a lot of press activity surrounding immigration and illegal workers in the UK, with more immigrants than ever before seeking work unlawfully. Whilst border controls and immigration agencies have constantly looked to ‘lead the good fight’ against these individuals, we’ve recently received a number of updates to inform us that they’re taking a much harder stance on illegal worker operations than ever before.

Working closely with local authorities and other regulatory departments, border and immigration forces are using real time information from payroll records to get an instant location of where these individuals are working. Just as the police are continuing to use Social Media to catch criminals that would normally slip under the radar, Border Control Forces are using the latest technology to take a hard-line approach on illegal workers, issuing instant warnings to any organisation they suspect of harbouring unlawful employees.

With the fine for illegal employment set to rise to well over £15,000, companies who don’t take care when taking on new employees could be stung heavily in 2016. To ensure you don’t fall foul to the hard stance that’s being applied, we’d thoroughly recommend completing the necessary RTW (Right to Work) checks before completing the employment process.

Whilst this maybe an administrative nightmare because of the continuous changes in the temporary recruitment marketplace, it’s more important than ever to ensure that no stone is left unturned and each important check is carried out.

We can’t express how important this is! We know of a number of examples where agencies have been fined because they had already placed the client before finding out that the documentation was fraudulent. Be careful, and if you suspect anything contact your local authority straight away.

Here at Recruitment Solutions we carry out stringent RTW document checks on all candidates at point of registration to ensure the eradication of illegal workers, giving our clients peace of mind when using our Recruitment service.

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