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Transfer your ‘Christmas Helpers’ onto Full-Time Contract without any Fees

With the Christmas delivery season in full swing, it’s that time of year when were helping logistics and warehousing companies across the UK to find the perfect Christmas helpers for the festive rush. Whilst many of these workers will move onto pastures new come the new year, there are many firms that may choose to keep on temporary staff well into 2017 to keep up with demand.

If you’re company fits into this category and you’re looking to maintain key temps well into the new year then Recruitment Solutions can help. On most temporary recruitment contracts, traditionally there is a fee that you as the employer will need to pay in order to transfer the recruit to a new contract. Whilst this differs hugely from agency to agency, it can often be as much as 20% of the proposed annual wage. Not with Recruitment Solutions!

At Recruitment Solutions, we provide all our clients with the option of transferring a temporary recruit onto a full time contract after the Christmas period should you wish to take your Winter workers on for longer.

Simply put, should we provide a temporary employee that fits your company ethos perfectly and you would like to employ them directly on a permanent contract, Recruitment Solutions can offer to transfer them to a full-time employee contract at NO FEE. This is dependent upon the completion of twelve weeks of paid work from the date of request to employ them.

This provides an ideal probationary period for both employer and employee. It ensures that you can guarantee they are compatible with your organisation, and will allow you to find the perfect employee for your recruitment needs without the worry of having to pay expensive additional fees.

If you’d like to take advantage of this fantastic offer and would like to transfer some of your employees onto a permanent agreement, please call one of our recruitment consultants on 0330 111 5252 or email info@rec-solutions.net.

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