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The future of employment in Manchester

In an initiative to reduce unemployment, Greater Manchester Combined Authority have created a system to bring together their public services to work with their people to create more training opportunities and quality jobs. These new job roles will be accessible to all within the Manchester region and will be based around a 4 point system which takes the following areas into account.

Working with employers
The GMCA are working closely with Manchester employers to gain a full understanding of the skills required for their workforce, helping them to create more internal development opportunities for apprenticeships as well as on the job training courses.

Uniting public services
It is no secret that many people out of work also have other issues to overcome, many of which prevent them from working. GMCA aim to unite on a number of their housing, debt advice and job centre services to remove working barriers for the unemployed and help them get back into work.

Support for young people
To fight unemployment you need to start with the workforce of tomorrow. GMCA are working alongside local schools and colleges to help young people aim high and fulfil their goals.  The key focus is to ensure all students achieve good results in core subjects including GCSE Maths and English. In addition to this they are providing career guidance to help young children follow the route to work that is right for them, whether it is apprenticeships or university.

It is never too late to learn, and through their work with employers, GMCA have identified the key skills employers are looking for. They are now working together with local colleges and universities to provide good quality vocational training courses, as well as building relationships with training providers. This will give the GMCA the opportunity to offer companies the relevant courses appropriate to their staff and their business needs.

The goal for this system is that by 2035 Manchester will have become one of the world’s leading employment regions, known for its good quality of life and innovation.

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