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The benefits of transferring a temp to a full-time employee in the warehouse sector

The benefits of transferring from a Temporary to Permanent Employment Contract

Many companies within the warehouse industry have used temporary staff to cover peak times of the year and to get them through yearly staff shortages, but many aren’t aware of the temp to perm route when recruiting permanent members of staff. With this in mind, we’ve taken a look at some of the benefits that this can provide to your business and why.

What is temp to perm?
In the majority of cases, an employee will undertake a role for a temporary period, usually a minimum of 12 weeks, hopeful in the prospect that this temporary position will turn permanent at the end of those 12 weeks. However, if either party becomes unhappy during the temporary period, the contract can be terminated with as little as an hour’s notice, meaning the employer doesn’t waste time and resources on an unsuitable member or staff. During the temporary employment time, the candidate will be paid through the agency reducing the admin for the employer until a decision on the permanent role has been made.

Why use temp to perm recruitment?

Try before you buy
Simply put you can trial a candidate before making any commitment; this is a fantastic tool in the warehousing industry as the calibre and reliability of candidates’ can vary greatly.

The majority of recruitment agencies have candidates who are available immediately on their books and have the relevant skills you are looking for. Most can supply staff within 24 hours of you speaking with them.

Many temporary or temp to perm candidates have undertaken previous roles for an agency, so you can be sure they have the relevant skills and attributes that you are looking for without having to wait to offer a contract before taking up a reference.

Most temp to perm candidate’s view the 12 week temping period as no different to working a normal 3-month probationary period, so you can be sure they take the role seriously and don’t just view it as a temp position that can end anytime.

Overcome a Recruitment freeze
Many warehouse companies have at some time or another experienced a recruitment freeze. These can be difficult to work with and mean a staff shortage during difficult times, putting added pressure on your existing team. For many, a temporary member of staff does not constitute recruitment, meaning that if you know a recruitment freeze is due to end, you can take someone on a temp to perm basis. This provides you ample time to train them and get them up to speed before the freeze ends, allowing you to offer a permanent contract at the end of the freeze.

As one of the leading providers of warehouse recruitment throughout the UK, we offer a completely Free transfer of contracts for temp to permanent placements, ensuring you can reap all of the benefits detailed above without the worry of additional costs. To discuss this option in more detail, please call a member of our team on 0330 111 5353.

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