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Temporary worker’s hours increase by 5.3% during December

According to the latest figures from the World Employment Confederation, in December the number of hours worked by temporary workers across the UK and into Europe increased by an average of 5.3% against last years’ total.

Whilst many countries across the continent had shown solid year on year growth with Denmark, Belgium, Austria and France all recording 10.3%, 7.4%, 7.28% and 6.8% growth respectively, it’s the UK that has seen the most growth over the last few years with the current number of part-time workers growing 30% since 2011.

The World Employment Confederation plots indicators of the evolution of turnover (defined as the revenues generated by private employment agencies in the temporary staffing segment) and hours worked (the sum of all hours invoiced by all private employment agencies to all user companies except where otherwise stated).

In 2012, Europe accounted for 36% of the global temporary staff market by revenue, and placed nearly 4m workers on a daily basis.

Whilst the part-time staff network continues to grow, there are those in the industry that have described temps as “the forgotten face” of the recruitment sector, with a recent think tank estimating a full-time temporary worker gets £430 less per annum than a permanent employee in the same role.

Although this may be the case with many temps in the UK and across Europe, at Recruitment Solutions we always ensure that our temporary staff members receive the very best contract for their particular role. Furthermore, because we offer a no fee conversion service for temporary recruits onto a full time job role, we’ve helped many recruits and clients to build future relationships that benefit both parties.

If you’re interested in finding the perfect temporary recruit for your growing business, or are a recruit searching for the ideal role for your skills, please call 0330 111 5353 or email info@rec-solutions.net

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