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Prepare your Warehouse for the Chaos of Black Friday!


As the biggest shopping event of the year when many consumers try to find cheap Christmas presents and new items for their homes, Black Friday provides a lot of excitement and anticipation. But whilst it’s a very exciting time of the year for consumers, it is a different story altogether for warehouse workers and warehouse management as they start to realise the strain it may put on their workforce.

This is because in the warehouse sector a lot of preparation is required to ensure that all of the necessary processes and procedures are in place to make this busy shopping day a success. With this in mind, here are five key challenges this industry is going to face in the build-up and aftermath of Black Friday:

  •       Inventory accuracy
  •       Inventory location
  •       Space utilisation
  •       Outdated processes
  •       Optimising pick times

With the right planning and foresight, all these potential problems can be overcome and rectified by having the right number of staff within the right skillsets. Let us take at a look at inventory accuracy. If a manufacturer has incorrect information regarding their inventory they are likely to run out of stock or over order, particularly at incredibly busy times of the year such as Black Friday.  

Accuracy in peak times is essential to the profits of any business. Carrying too much stock will decrease cash flow whilst carrying too little stock means sales are missed. Hiring in a temporary member of staff to ensure an accurate inventory will save money and time in the long run.

Once you know you have the right amount of stock to be able to fulfil the potential orders, it is important to utilise your warehouse space efficiently. Any good Warehouse Manager knows it is not about how much space you have but how you utilise it. It may be ok through the rest of the year to use warehouse staff to manually move boxes and have items lying around in various positions throughout the warehouse, but during the Black Friday period it requires more attention to detail.  

The way you lay your stock out can considerably reduce picking time, meaning more orders can be processed per day. Hire in a forklift truck driver to be able to unload deliveries quickly and efficiently and to be able to stack items effectively in your racking. This will ensure an orderly flow of stock that pickers can find quickly and easily.

Hiring a forklift truck driver on a short-term basis will also mean that you can reorganise your space for the year ahead and move all fast moving items to the front of the warehouse, something that could take days to do without adequately trained staff. A few simple changes to your warehouse staffing and a little preparation could save you huge amounts of money and time in the end for this year’s Black Friday.

If you’re looking to hire temporary workers during in the run up to Black Friday, get in-touch with our experienced recruitment agents on 0330 111 5353 and let us take care of all your employment requirements.

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