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Leaked Brexit Documents indicates no more free movement for EU workers

A leaked document from the Home Office has recently outlined how the UK aims to limit the number of low skilled migrants entering the country post Brexit. The document has been obtained by the Guardian newspapers and implies that free movement will definitely come to an end with a more selective approach being adopted.

Downing Street have already highlighted how they believe free movement will come to an end post Brexit, but try to soften the recruitment blow by suggesting that there will be a delayed period of implementation. The home is that will limit the effect of the new acts on businesses who are currently reliant upon EU workforces.

The 82-page document does reveal that whilst limiting the number of EU nationals allowed to enter the UK to work, the plan is not to ban them altogether.  It looks as though the UK will start to follow a structure similar to that imposed in Australia, where low skilled migrants will only be awarded a short-term visa for one to two years. This compare to those with skills in high demand in the UK who may be offered larger 5 year visas.

The premise of the new laws is to encourage UK employers to focus on recruiting resident labour meaning UK nationals. To enforce this further, all EU nationals will be required to seek government permission before undertaking any work in the UK, all EU citizens will also be required to produce passports when entering the country.

Some voters of leave may be pleased to know that the document states that the UK Government will make choices based on the social economic needs of the country, and no longer will migrants be able to make the decision to enter without permission.

The leaked document that has now been verified also indicates that it will become far harder for migrants both working and non-working to bring family members into the UK. This will end the right to settle in the UK for most European Migrants and will only be granted in a select few cases.

It is still unclear how these changes would affect the negotiation of any trade or single market deals or if this has even been taken into consideration.

For businesses, these proposals could leave them confused about the future of their workforce and whilst not all EU citizens will be granted access to the UK for work, it is important to focus on the fact that this leaked document does not say there will be a total ban.  Skilled EU citizens with abilities and skills required by the UK will still be allowed access to UK jobs meaning many organisations in industries such as engineering will still be able to hire from outside the UK when needed.

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