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Job hunters busier than ever in January

If January figures so far are anything to go by, 2016 looks set to be an extremely busy year for recruitment. According to the UK’s leading job portal CV-Library, up until the 5th January 2016 job hunters had submitted a record number of applications, and were looking for positions at an extremely fast pace.

Whilst January is always the time for change and accessing your career, on the 5th January alone the CV library has 364,591 site visits and 120,416 job applications. The figures resulted in 220 job applications submitted every second, creating a January high for the recruitment industry.

In addition to this, the data revealed which cities within the UK have had the most applications so far. Whilst most of the cities on the list may not come as a surprise, what is surprising is the volume of applications for the first five days. These cities include:

London – 83,298 applications

Birmingham – 28,124 applications

Manchester – 19,851 applications

Leeds – 15,869 applications

Sheffield – 6,326 applications


Whilst London having the most applications may not come as shock, it’s interesting to see that a number of trade-based industries are topping the list in 2016. The top five sectors include:

Administration – 51,363 applications

Engineering – 34,765 applications

Construction – 33,606 applications

Distribution – 23,623 applications

Manufacturing – 22,012 applications

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