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How to obtain a retail job in Manchester!

August saw huge growth for retail recruitment across major cities in the UK, including Manchester. More and more people are starting to turn to retail work, often changing careers, and it’s no wonder when the industry is well paid, has varying hours to suit around family life and has great perks such as overtime and bonus structures.

For many though, the dream of obtaining a retail job in a large city such as Manchester can seem impossible. However, when you know how to turn your skill set into transferable skills for a high street role, getting a successful career in retail may be easier than you first thought. No matter what career you are coming form, it is likely that you will have skills that are relevant and well suited to retail. Here we look at how to turn office skills into positive skills for a retail job in the Manchester area.

Customer service – Customer service is hugely transferable from industry to industry. If you have been working in an office and have dealt with customers over the phone and via email, you may be asked in an interview how you’ll get on with dealing with customers face to face.  It is simple really, as customer service over the phone or email can often be harder as you cannot read people’s body language or tone, if you are successful at good customer service in an office environment it is highly likely you will be good at it in the retail sector.

Management – For many, the lure of management is too good an opportunity to miss as it often pays more and comes with its own set of challenges. People management experience is transferrable as it is not trade specific, so you do not need to have worked in retail to be able to manage a retail team. Understanding people is what is important; their motivations, their desires and needs and how to help them achieve their goals. Whilst you may need to learn the processes specific to the retail industry, you will not need to learn how to manage people if you have been a manager in other industries.

Sales – If you worked in sales before, but never face to face, you have the confidence to transfer this skill to the retail sector. After all, sales is just fulfilling somebodies need and it does not matter if that is in commercial, industrial or the retail sector. Up selling in large cities such as Manchester is huge for the retail industry and hundreds of thousands of pounds are gained through these opportunities.

The last skill you can offer is the fact that you are a citizen of Manchester. You know the trends, what people like and what they do not like. Do not be afraid to bring this experience and your personality into an interview for a retail role, after all people buy into people. To find out more about our wide range of retail roles in the Manchester area, please view our Manchester Retail Recruitment page or call 0330 111 5353.


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