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How to improve company efficiency with the perfect Warehouse Manager?

Improving Company efficiency with the correct Warehouse Manager

No matter what industry your business is established in, if you rely on the effective shipment of goods to succeed, then finding the perfect warehouse manager is essential. Whilst many companies overlook the potential that a skilled and experienced stores supervisor can provide, having a manager that is productive, organised and professional will have a massive impact on the overall efficiency of your organisation, helping to lower costs, improve customer satisfaction and increase profits.

Whilst the warehouse recruitment industry will have a wide range of executives to choose from, finding a fresh thinking employee that is the perfect fit for your business is essential if you want to improve warehouse procedures and processes. With this in mind, we’ve taken a look at 5 key areas that you’ll need to consider when choosing your next warehouse manager. to ensure that your outgoing shipments are distributed successfully, and your business witnesses an increase in overall efficiency.

5 key factors to consider when hiring your new warehouse manager

  1. Look for a manager who can maximise space:

Although from time to time it may be necessary to expand the size of your warehouse if business growth demands it, finding a warehouse supervisor that will optimise the existing space you have is essential to increase efficiency. Whilst this may sound pretty obvious, you’d be very surprised by the amount of stores operatives that fail to keep a tidy warehouse and lack organisation. By finding a manager that stores products methodically, makes use of every inch of space and re-organises their working environment between deliveries and shipments, it will help you to grow your product offering and dispatch orders effectively.

  1. Lean inventory management:

Adopting a lean inventory for your warehouse is just as important as maintaining a productive manufacturing line, so hiring a warehouse manager that embraces this policy will be essential in the effective running of your business. Put simply, they should be happy to only keep the stock that is absolutely necessary, working with suppliers to deliver smaller quantities more frequently.

  1. Ability to adopt management technology:

With vast advances in warehouse management systems (WMS) over recent years, finding a manager that can encompass this software can improve efficiency by suggesting the best routes and methods for picking or put-away. Systems such as this can also enhance the delivery cycle by giving key staff the ideal locations for each piece of stock improving dispatch times and improving re-ordering processes.

  1. Workstation organisation skills:

Creating workstations that are tidy and organised improves productivity because warehouse workers do not have to search for tools or equipment. With this in mind, it’s essential that you find a manager that leads by example and uses an organisation scheme such as the “5S” method. Consisting of: Sort; Set in order; Shine; Standardize; and Sustain — techniques such as this are designed to keep clutter at bay, reduce errors, and improve the safety and organisation of the warehouse, factors that are essential in the running of an efficient warehouse environment.

  1. Employee management:

Whilst the implementation of an effective warehouse management system will create dynamic and productive picking plans for you, it’s essential that you employ a stores supervisor that can activate processes successfully, motivate staff and stick to important deadlines. Whether this involves assisting in the production of new rotas or shipping schedules, employing a manager that is talented in the organisation of employees is extremely important.

We hope that this can give you some detailed insight into how a skilled warehouse manager can improve the efficiency of your business. If you need further guidance in employing the right person then please get in-touch with a member of our experienced recruitment team who will be happy to assist you further.

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