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Google becomes the Number One location for Retail Sector roles

When searching for a job in the retail sector, historically job seekers have looked primarily to online bulletins and generic job sites in order to find the perfect position or apply for a new role. In 2015 however, this all changed as Google became the top source in the retail environment for employees looking to find their next role.

Whilst the main factor for this is Google’s dominance of search marketing, we’re also finding that Google’s algorithm and listing changes over recent months are now making it simpler to find detailed information about roles that are most appealing for candidates. Without having to click a link, candidates can now get an overview of the role from the main results page and therefore sort through roles in a much easier way.

At Recruitment solutions we are now ensuring that all of our positions within the retail sector and beyond are perfectly optimised for Google, so that you have all of the necessary information at your fingertips. We have also improved our application process so that you don’t have to fill in page after page of information to submit your application.

Aside from searching directly on Google, this recent study also showed that the second most popular method is by visiting specific retail company websites. This is largely down to the fact they offer a more detailed breakdown of the job in question and allow the candidate to find out detailed information about the company they will be working for, if successful.

With this in mind, Recruitment Solutions always ensure that we create extremely detailed briefs that are quality checked by the employer to make sure that the job specification matches that provided on the individual employer’s website. This will guarantee that you never miss a thing and have the most detailed retail sector listings available to you.

For more detail on our current roles within the retail sector email us at info@rec-solutions.net. You can also see and download the full report on retail sector employment trends by visiting http://www.resourcebank.co.uk/news/2015/10/retailcandidatesinsight/.


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