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Employer Branding: What Makes an Employer Attractive to New Team Members?

Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, every company across the UK has an employer brand. Some take every effort to nurture and protect it, others have diligently built it over many years and some do very little. But no matter how you have developed your brand and kept your company in front of future staff, it’s essential that you take care to ensure that yours is as well represented as is humanly possible.

With the transparency of social media offering a new view beyond the front window of your organisation, it’s now more essential than ever that you take every effort to present your business and its practices in the best possible light. After all, your employer brand serves as a billboard for your organization so it’s important that every single touch point, piece of correspondence or employee interaction is beautifully organised and impeccably carried out.

So, what exactly is employer branding? Whilst many define this term as an organisation’s reputation or image, it’s so much more than that! Yes, it’s your image and how you appear to potential customers, but it’s also the relationship you have with your existing staff, people who will spread the word – whether good or bad – about your company and how you perform.

If you present a brand that represents a desirable place to work in the minds of current employees, active and passive candidates, customers and other key stakeholders it will do your business the world of good. Like any potential advertisement, the employer brand offers a promise, which if unfulfilled, can be detrimental to attracting the right candidates, leaving your workforce unhappy and productivity down.

However, if dealt with correctly it can drive competitive advantage, boost your ability to attract, engage and retain a high-performance workforce and will help to grow your business. So what is it that can help you to build your employer brand? Well, whilst there are more areas than we could possibly describe in this news feature, below are 5 important things that we always consider to ensure we attract and retain employees:

  1. Ensure we take the time to know each member of our business, no matter they do or what level they’re at.
  2. Go above and beyond to make each member of our team feel special, carrying out ‘special touches’ on a weekly basis to ensure our staff are never forgotten.
  3. Ensure there are steps in place to manage grievances in the best possible way, ensuring that all parties are left satisfied no matter what the outcome.
  4. Provide regular, employee specific training and always push our staff members to be better, more successful versions of themselves.
  5. Arrange events and special days to bring staff members together, keeping moral high and employee interaction consistent.

Ultimately, if done well, your employer brand can drive real value in terms of enhanced productivity, innovation, operational excellence and company growth. It is an asset that can offer high returns on your investment yet simply takes care and understanding to build.

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