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Earn some extra cash this summer!

Part Time employment throughout the summer months for students has always been a popular form of recruitment across all sectors. From commercial to industrial, retail to hospitality, it is hugely beneficial for both the candidate and employer alike.

It’s no secret that going to university is an expensive life choice, there’s tuition fees to pay, housing, books to buy and of course the social side. For many, the courses are so full on during term time that there is little time left to work and earn money, other than the summer months when you have extended leave.

In these summer month’s students flock to recruitment agencies across the country in the hope of some work for the 8-week holiday period. It’s a fantastic way for these students to obtain on the job experience and develop life skills to support their theory based lessons. For companies it couldn’t come at a better time, as organisations are often experiencing peaks in their workload whilst juggling staff shortages due to annual leave.

The most popular sector to use students in the summer months is the hospitality industry.  With so many events on in the summer and only short periods of part time work on offer, it can be difficult to find people that are available.  However, thanks to the short term commitment needed and a desire to earn as much money in as short a period of time as possible, students are the ideal candidate and are more than happy to do the long hours and early morning starts required.

The benefits of summer part time work aren’t all in the student’s favour though, there are huge benefits to be seen by companies too!  If as an organisation you invest in these part time employees, train them and value their time with you, you could create a loyal workforce that returns to you year on year.

This will save you time and money as the years go by, as you will have fully trained and capable staff rather than brand new inexperienced employees each year. This form of part time employment is also beneficial at other times of the year. With many students having 4 – 6 weeks off at Christmas, this is another peak time of the year where their help could be hugely beneficial.

With strong relationships forged and new skills obtained, it is not uncommon for these part time placements to turn into full time opportunities once the student has graduated.  It may be in the long run that your part time summer casual becomes your full time Team Leader, Sales Executive or even Office Manager!

If you’re looking take on students over summer or transfer a student from a part time to full time contract for absolutely no fee, please contact an experienced member of our team on 0330 111 5353.

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