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Dogs in the workplace: Would employees be barking mad or could it be a grrreat success?

Whilst the news this week has been constantly filled with the referendum and what could possibly happen to the economy, one company has taken it upon themselves to bring a positive aura to the office with a revolutionary new initiative. Aimed at bringing more joy and happiness to the workplace, Nestle have brought it upon themselves to allow their staff’s four-legged pals to go to work with them.

Their Purina office – a pet food brand owned by the worldwide brand – have taken their proprietors up on their offer in conjunction with take your dog to work day ( 24th June) in order to test whether their canine companions could make the office a more relaxed place to be.

Because dogs are such social able animals, it’s said by a number of experts that they benefit from human interaction. Likewise, studies have shown that humans can also benefit from the presence of dogs in the workplace, and can receive all manner of mental, emotional and physical health benefits.

From reducing high blood pressure to promoting calmness and increasing team spirit, bringing your dog to work has proven to make staff healthier and happier no matter where you work. From a small construction site porter cabin to a large warehouse office, bring your dog to work could soon help workers across the country to feel more at ease.

So, is this new scheme likely to be a success or a potential one-off? Well, advocates of the scheme have said that it’s a great idea going forward with their staff saying that being able to bring their dog to work would make their lives more positive. What’s more, they’ve also said that their happier employees have gone on to increase productivity.

Whilst there maybe reservations about the behavior and cleanliness of our pet pals, ensuring that only the well-trained and friendliest dogs are permitted to ‘paw’ their way into the office will guarantee that the perfect working environment is maintained.

Will it take off? Would you allow your team to bring their pets to work as an exciting new test to increase productivity? Whilst that decision is entirely up to you, one thing’s for sure that dogs have been accompanying employees in smaller companies for years to great effect, so why not give it a try and see how your teams respond!

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