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CITB Announce Multi-Million Pound Funding to Close the Skills Gap        


Over the past few years, the construction industry has continued to contend with a growing skills gap, as workers struggle to gain the skills required to help create a well-developed workforce. In order to try and tackle this growing concern and close the skills shortage that continues to increase, the CITB has joined forces with over 22 industry-led projects to bring over £7.5 million worth of funding to the building industry.

Following the launch of their Flexible and Structured Funds campaign last Autumn, the CITB will now be working with a number of projects to help educate the construction sector and expand its knowledge base. To start this process, the first area that the funding will be worked into is an online learning centre called the ‘Supply Chain School’.

Here they will be looking to spend around £2.5 million to create a web-based platform where individuals and business can gain access to free learning resources, e-modules and an online skills test. This project will last 5 years in total and will see almost 4,000 employers undertake an online skills test to ensure the skills they have learnt can be ‘rolled out’ to build the skills base of the supply chain sector.

The second area that the CITB will look to be assist with is placing nearly £2.5 million worth of investment into a Homebuilding Skills Partnership. This initiative will look to bring the whole of the homebuilding sector together to tackle the skills challenge in housing. As part of this process, the CITB will be working closely with external federations to increase the number of females working in the construction industry, especially in the social housing maintenance side.

Aside from these two exciting projects, the remaining funding will be used to assist 16 independent projects that are being led by federations across the UK. The focus of these projects will be on improving key areas that are currently restricting the growth of the industry. This includes developments in the following areas:

  • Careers Guidance
  • Upskilling and re-training existing employees
  • Recruiting new talent for apprenticeships or from other sectors.
  • Encouraging employee diversity within the building sector.

When asked about the plans for future funding, CITB Head of Economic Analysis had this to say:

“This exciting range of projects will help build a well-skilled workforce, boosting the industry for the long-term. Employers have identified several key issues affecting the construction industry and these funds will help provide the skills and training necessary to overcome them. Applications for the next round of funding will be accepted from the 19th of April.

“This is the first funding announcement since we changed the way we target our money and the way firms can access it. Although the application process has been simplified, it’s more transparent and rigorous – we require much more detail about the projects and what they will achieve in the long term for the construction industry and will monitor them closely to ensure they remain on course.”

If you’d like to now more information about education within the construction industry or how you can help to bridge the skills gap, please contact a member of our team on 0330 111 5353 to see the range of construction industry job roles we have available.

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