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Bring the Euro’s into your office this summer!

With the 2016 European championships coming up it’s the perfect time to start thinking about how you can bring all the fun and excitement of the ‘beautiful game’ into your office and make it 4 weeks when the whole company comes together.

Whether you have an office full of English fans hoping that Rooney and Co will make the nation proud, or have a multi-national workplace where each employee will be waving the banners of their nation, we’ve taken a look at 4 fun ways to make these championships one you’ll never forget.

1. Decorating the Office:

As is the case with any major football tournament, it’s important that you get everyone in the mood by decorating the office in your favourite team’s colours. Whether you give the office a theme for one nation, or enjoy a spectacle of multi-coloured madness by allowing your staff to decorate their own space, making the office a festival of football is essential. Online decoration sites such as http://www.peeks.co.uk/team-colours will have everything you need to get started.

2. Office Sweepstake:

Whether just for fun or for cheeky little flutter, Euro 2016 office sweepstakes are a great way to bring the championships alive throughout the office. For those that love the game it gives them even more reason to get behind their favourite team, and for those that don’t, well it gives them a reason to get involved and join in the fun. If you’d like to start your own sweepstake, head on over to sites such as http://www.sweepstakegenerator.com/free-euro-2016-sweepstake as it creates a simple sweepstake for you and takes care of all the complicated parts.

3. Nation themed party:

Great for team building or getting the office really embracing the next 4 weeks of footy, country themed parties are a great way of bringing the office together. Whether you go all out and embrace the food, music and clothing of a nation, or simply dress for the occasion and enjoy a few drinks, an office party themed around your favourite team is a great thing to do.

4. Bake Day

The final thing we’d recommend for getting the office in the mood for the Euro’s is having an office bake day. Whether you pick a nation and each bake a dish famous within that country, or select a nation each and bake something truly unique, having a bake day is a great way to build team moral and competition excitement. You could even help to raise money for charity if your bake day is organised in the right way.

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