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5 ways to get your advert noticed better online

Putting together a successful job spec is never easy, especially if you’ve never recruited for the position before or are struggling to find the perfect employee. But whilst there are many ways to ensure that your new gets shown effectively, there are a number of things worth bearing in mind to ensure that your advert doesn’t get ignored.

With that in mind, we have put together 5 important factors worth considering when you’re posting for a position to ensure that you get the perfect candidates come the interview stage.

  1. Introduce your company

Whilst many candidates will choose to research your company before applying, to ensure that you attract the right candidate it’s important that you introduce your company and give them a potted history of your organisation. Without it potential employees won’t be incentivized to read more or submit an application.

  1. Set out the role and why it exists

Before your start discussing what skills your ideal candidate will need to possess for the new role, it’s important that you detail what’s involved in the new position and what the candidates will be expected to do. This should be written in a positive and detailed manner to entice candidates and show your company in a positive light.

  1. Be exact with the skills required

Although some positions may change over time and you may not necessarily know the exacts of the role when you post it, it’s important that you’re not wooly with the pre-requisites or skills required when you write the listing. If you do this could potentially confuse candidates and could put them off from the role entirely.

  1. Simplify the list of duties

Whether you provide these in a bullet point format or write brief descriptions for each, it’s essential that you don’t over complicate the duties within the role and make the position as easy to understand as possible. It’s worth remembering that candidates may be looking through several positions on the day they came across yours, so it’s important that your spec is quick and easy to understand.


  1. Incorporate a ‘call to action’

Whether you link to a point of contact or have a simple form for the candidate to fill in, it’s important that you show some sense of urgency and give potential employees an extremely easy way to apply for the position or get in touch.

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