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5 statements to look out for that could destroy your CV

Whilst it can be extremely difficult to get your CV right first time, we all know that keeping it simple, short and direct will help potential employers to know all about you and your experience. Whether you’re looking for a career in the construction industry, looking to become an industrial engineer, or want to get a job in the retail sector, ensuring you come across in the right light is essential to landing that perfect job.

As one of the UK’s leading recruitment agencies, we see a lot of CV’s pass through our offices every week, and aside from the usual sections on experience and the clients personal profile, there are statements that regularly pop up that can be fairly damaging to your chances of getting an interview. With this in mind, we take a look at 5 common statements to avoid when you’re next looking to submit your CV.

  1. ‘I don’t have much experience in…’

When looking for new employees, hiring employers aren’t going to be attracted to candidates that are constantly apologising or who show a lack of understanding in something.

When writing your CV, NEVER include something that you don’t have a lot of experience in or that isn’t 100% necessary to include. As with anything you write on your CV, always be positive, confident and direct and focus on your strengths and not your weaknesses.

  1. ‘I’m a great multi-tasker’

If we’re honest, multi-tasking is always necessary in any role, so saying that you’re able to do it means very little to potential employers. Whilst we’re not saying that being able to multi-task in an important skill to have, it’s not really necessary to include this fact on your CV.

Instead try to think of some interesting and relevant examples of when your ability to multi-task has been put to the test, and how it benefited your employer at the time. This may then be used and brought up in your interview so will form a positive talking point. Be unique though and never just put something down for the sake of it.

  1. ‘I’m a team player who works well alone’

Whilst you may be good at both, to an employer putting that you’re a team player that also works well alone is just you trying to cover all bases. It doesn’t say a lot about your personality and it doesn’t tell them anything about your skill set.

Instead of trying to cover everything in your CV, use scenarios of where and when you’ve worked well as a team player or by yourself to showcase your talents. Employers are more interested in experience and your ability to interact with others, so try to make sure you utilise your CV to show off your abilities to the full.

  1. ‘I’m a perfectionist’

Whether they choose to admit it or not, no one is ever perfect and whilst a task can be done to the highest levels, it’s never going to be done perfectly. To employers saying this will just make them wonder if you take too long to complete a task because you pick over all of the finer details.

Instead of saying that you’re a perfectionist, try focusing on your skills and showcasing just how good you are at them. Once the employer reads your CV and gets to know you they will make an informed decision about you and your personality anyway, so statements like this have no place on a CV.

  1. ‘I’m a people person’

Whilst it’s important to get across that you work well as a team and can interact well with customers, saying that you’re a ‘people person’ will do little to add to your CV, as this should be a given. Employers will expect it without you saying it so don’t put it down.

Instead of putting that you communicate well with others, demonstrate how you’ve put these people skills to good use by listing scenarios and benefits that your personality has provided. Doing this will help to build a relationship with your future employer and will describe to them how your skills have been applied previously.

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